12 Feb 2014

The green energy revolution used to look pretty far off.  Today, businesses are starting to factor the cost of climate change into their planning, countries have set targets for increasing the use of renewable energy, and wind farms and solar panels are popping up everywhere.

12 Feb 2014

Union Minister Shashi Tharoor today said India will be on course to meet the United Nations target for sustainable energy for all but underlined the challenge before it is enormous as over 500 million people still have no access to electricity.

12 Feb 2014

Human society has a lot riding on the transport sector.

22 Jan 2014

Creating healthy and sustainable food systems is key to overcome hunger and malnutrition around the globe, said Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General at the Green Week in Berlin today.

"Food production has tripled since 1945 and average food availability per person has risen by 40 percent," Semedo said at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2014.

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12 Feb 2014

The United Nations Climate Change Conference took place in Warsaw, Poland from 11 to 23 November 2013.

22 Jan 2014

The relationship between forests and human nutrition is not yet well understood. A better understanding of this relationship is vital at a time when the majority of new land for agriculture is being cleared from forests. We use Demographic Health Survey data on food consumption for children from 21 African countries and Global Land Cover Facility tree cover data to examine the relationship between tree cover and three key indicators of nutritional quality of children's diets: dietary diversity, fruit and vegetable consumption, and animal source food consumption.

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Poverty Environment Partnership

The Poverty Environment Partnership is an informal network of development agencies, which seeks to improve the coordination of work on poverty reduction and the environment.

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The Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) of the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme supports country-led efforts to address poverty-environment linkages on a global scale.

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The Poverty and Environment Program (PEP) of the Asian Development Bank promotes the mainstreaming of environment objectives in its poverty reduction strategies, programs, and projects.

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29 Jan 2014

This documentary captures the experiences of the project `Community Based Adaptation in Vulnerable Coastal Areas of Bangladesh' furnished with innovations and acts as a vehicle to take the learning forward to other coastal areas of Bangladesh and beyond.

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