PEP Projects

Country Project Name Approval Date
Regional Air Quality Interventions: Improving Air Quality Monitoring Systems in Asian Cities 12 Sep 2011
China, People's Republic of Shaanxi Weinan Luyanghu Integrated Saline and Alkaline Land Management 16 Aug 2011
China, People's Republic of Developing a Framework for Wetland Eco-compensation Mechanisms in Jiangsu-Yancheng Coastal Wetlands 01 Jul 2011
Pakistan Poverty-Environment Analysis for Ecosystems-Integration of Indicators in Policy 01 Jul 2011
Viet Nam Support for the National Roll Out of Payments for Forest Environmental Services and Benefit Sharing Mechanisms in Viet Nam 01 Jul 2011
China, People's Republic of Calculating Carbon Benefits from Improved Land and Water Resource Management 26 May 2011
Sri Lanka Piloting Pro-poor and Gender-responsive Sanitation Options in Under-served Urban Settlements in Colombo 15 Apr 2011
Regional Ecological Footprint and Investment in Natural Capital in Asia and the Pacific 31 Jan 2011
Bangladesh Community Based Adaptation in Vulnerable Coastal Areas 25 Nov 2010
Regional Capturing the Biological and Cultural Diversity in the Coral Triangle 05 Nov 2010
Solomon Islands Testing Effective Models for Governance and Implementation of REDD+ to Provide Equitable Benefits for Forest-dependent Local and Indigenous People 05 Nov 2010
Viet Nam Development of Analytical Tools for Water Pollution Control to Improve the Livelihood of the Poor 05 Nov 2010
Mongolia Improving Pasture and Water Management with Participation of Local Community in Degraded Pasture Areas and Deserted Zones 26 Oct 2010
Mongolia Poverty-Environment Mapping to Support Decision-Making 13 Oct 2010
Fiji and Solomon Islands Strategies for Pro-poor Adaptation to Climate Change in Small Island Communities 06 Oct 2010
Indonesia and Philippines Incorporating Coastal Livelihoods, Sustainable Fisheries in the Poverty Reduction Strategies in the Sulu Sulawesi Seas 20 Mar 2006
Pakistan Assessing and Developing Capacity to Improve Participatory Environmental Management in Selected Districts 23 Feb 2006
Papua New Guinea Innovative Actions for Community-based Water Management and Education 13 Feb 2006
Cambodia Pilot Project for Natural Resource Management in the Cardamom Mountain Range Corridor, Koh Kong Province 13 Dec 2005
India Model Watermills for Sustainable Micro-Enterprise Development 12 Apr 2005
Philippines Air and Noise Pollution Reduction from the Tricycle Sub-sector 12 Apr 2005
Philippines Smokey Mountain Remediation and Development Project 12 Apr 2005
Maldives Saving the Tsunami-Affected Trees  11 Feb 2005
India Polluted Places  14 Oct 2004
Viet Nam Enhancing Human Security through Environment and Disaster Management 14 Oct 2004
Viet Nam Pilot Biodiversity Corridor (BC) Program for Lam Dong Province  14 Oct 2004
Viet Nam Pilot Rehabilitation of Agent Orange Affected Forestlands in Quang Tri Province 14 Oct 2004
China, People's Republic of Development of Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods in the Sanjiang Plains 30 Jun 2004
Indonesia Wangan Aji Micro-Hydro Project 30 Jun 2004
Regional Poverty, Conservation, and Health: Responding to the Challenges of Human Welfare in the Asia-Pacific Region 30 Jun 2004