Pilot Project for Natural Resource Management in the Cardamom Mountain Range Corridor, Koh Kong Province: Cambodia

Total Project Cost: US$304,513
PEP Funding: US$150,000
Approval Date: 13 December 2005
Main Project Partner: Wild Aid
Project Officer: Ahsan Tayyab, Southeast Asia Department
Type of Intervention: Pilot Intervention
Status: Completedᅠ

Summary: The project aimed to contribute to the reduction of forest loss by 800 ha per year by increasing livelihood standards of the poorest slash and burn farmers of the Coastal Cardamom Biodiversity Corridor through: technical assistance on sustainable crop production, pilot-testing a community-managed water resource system, capacity building of agriculture association and implementation of reforestation scheme. The project is part of the alternative livelihoods component of the South West Elephant Corridor Program (SWEC). Its successful implementation will be replicated in other areas covered by SWEC. The Ministry of Agriculture is also considering how to replicate the project in other parts of Cambodia faced with similar problems.

Poverty-Environment Linkage: The project addressed the causes of forest destruction in Chi Phat commune of the Cardamom Mountain Range Corridor. It assisted poor landless farmers who were conducting unsustainable forest burning and clearing for crop cultivation to develop permanent cultivation methods and establish sustainable water supply, so they no longer need to destroy the forest for survival.

Expected Outputs/Outcomes:

  • Farmers become users of small-scale drip irrigation system
  • Improved capacity of farmers on integrated agriculture system and basic management skills
  • Improved income and quality of life of farmers
  • Sustainable crop production
  • Increased tropical forest cover

Major Components and Activities:
As a pilot intervention, the project included the following activities for 120 families in Chi Pat commune:

  • Provision and installation of small-scale irrigation equipment
  • Technical assistance and farmers' training on integrated agriculture system (irrigated crops with intercropping, crop rotation and diversification, top soil rebuilding)
  • Community development facilitation and capacity building of the Community Agriculture Association on leadership, supervision and management of Community Fund
  • Implementation of community-based reforestation project