Improving Pasture and Water Management in Degraded Pasture Areas and Deserted Zones: Mongolia

Total Project Cost: $85,000
PEP Funding: $72,000
Approval Date: 26 October 2010
Main Project Partner(s): Eco Asia University
Project Officer: Laurence Pochard, MNRM
Type of Intervention: Pilot intervention
Status: Completed

Summary: The project promoted community-based grassland management in degraded areas to help mitigate the effects of desertification and land degradation. More specifically, the project: (i) improved the capacity of relevant government organizations, local land managers and herders on grassland management issues through appropriate trainings; (ii) with the participation of the local community, developed and implemented a comprehensive Grassland Management Plan (GMP) by integrating aspects of natural resources, livestock and market demand; and (iii) identified user groups of water and grassland resources and institutionalized their rights in the local community.

Poverty-Environment Linkage: Local herders with low income -- about 50 herder families in total -- were identified as the target group, with the purpose of improving their livelihoods while taking measures to address land degradation and desertification. Herder cooperatives were established and trainings were conducted on how to formulate GMP, including pasture rotation, grazing and haying management, maintenance of wells, and land titling activities. One of the activities included in the GMP was the reconstruction of two abandoned wells and installation of solar and wind ground water pumps, which replaced manual pumps of existing wells.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Comprehensive Grassland Management Plans (GMP) for pasture and water use formulated in cooperation with local community
  • GMP approved by local authority and implemented with participation of herders involving all related stakeholders
  • User groups of water and grassland resources identified and institutionalized by local community
  • Meetings and trainings organized and GMP distributed to the communities