Smokey Mountain Remediation and Development Project: Philippines

Total Project Cost: US$347,000
PEP Funding: US$229,500
Approval Date: 12 April 2005
Main Project Partner: Sustainable Project Management
Project Officer: Michael Lindfield, Regional and Sustainable Development Department
Type of Intervention: Pilot Interventionᅠ
Status: Completedᅠ

Summary: The project aimed to improve the quality of life and livelihood of 30,000 residents in the Smokey Mountain area through:

  • Identification of a cost effective remediation program for Smokey Mountain that will provide long term protection for the community and the environment;
  • Demonstration of a sustainable public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism for the implementation of an effective ecological solid waste management program; and
  • Development of employment and other livelihood opportunities for the poor through activities associated with the establishment of the materials recovery facilities (MRFs) (i.e. recycling, composting, etc).

Poverty-Environment Linkage: Highlighting poor communityメs exposure to the remaining wastes in Smokey Mountain and undertaking the remediation of the Smokey Mountain to reduce health risks while improving the livelihood of those who rely on waste as source of income

Expected Outputs/Outcomes:

  • A rehabilitated dumpsite and an ecological solid waste management system through a PPP mechanism, including an MRF component
  • Strengthened capacity of the association of waste pickers to manage and operate the MRF and associated businesses derived from recycling and composting activities
  • Improved living and work conditions for the waste-pickers of Smokey Mountain
  • Improved health and environment conditions for the communities in Smokey Mountain and Manila as a whole

Major Components and Activities:

  • Development of the public-private partnership (PPP) for the remediation of Smokey Mountain and implementation of the ecological solid waste management project
  • Business planning to determine the financial viability of the project, including employment opportunities for the poor communities
  • Conduct of an environmental impact study
  • Remediation of Smokey Mountain and the establishment of an Eco Waste Park
  • Establishment of community-based MRFs