Calculating Carbon Benefits from Improved Land and Water Resource Management: People's Republic of China

Total Project Cost: $270,000
PEF Financing: $180,000
Approval Date: 26 May 2011
Main Project Partner(s): Ningxia State Farm Group (NSFG)
Project Officer: Niu Zhiming, PRCM
Type of Intervention: Pilot intervention
Status: Completed

Summary: The project established a methodology to calculate the carbon benefits from improved land and water resource management practices in dryland agriculture. The methods developed is expected to enable NSFG to register a carbon finance project and obtain financial support in exchange for carbon credits that would then help provide an economic incentive for the deployment and continued use of water- and fertilizer-saving technologies, specifically related to the viticulture business.

Poverty-Environment Linkage: Smallholder farmers were involved in the design of institutional mechanisms and monitoring. Farmers benefitted financially through increased incomes from expanded viticulture operations and reduced fertilizer and water input costs. Environmental benefits included reduced water consumption, reduced agricultural pollution of surface and ground water supplies, and improvements in the sustainability of land use.

Expected Outputs:

  • Draft methodology for accounting for GHG emission reductions from adoption of improved land and water management practices in viticulture
  • Project Idea Note outlining a feasible carbon finance project based on adoption of improved land and water management practices in viticulture in Ningxia, and a Project Design Document for potential registration in voluntary carbon standard
  • A set of standard training materials on improved land and water resource management technologies and methodologies to calculate carbon benefits