14 Jun 2017

Ahead of CBA11 this month, a government policy planner in Bangladesh makes the case for integrating ecosystems-based adaptation in the country's main long-term geospatial plan.

25 Aug 2016

Hundreds of thousands of small farmers in Bangladesh are shifting their fields to high value crops like fruit and flowers to meet growing demand and leave subsistence farming behind.

14 Jul 2015

With a population of 140 million, Bangladesh is one of the world's most populated countries. It is also one of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Cyclones, floods and droughts have long been part of the country's history but they have intensified in recent years. As a result of the long exposure to these hazards, Bangladesh is a world leader in adaptation strategies but this has come with a heavy price tag.

25 Jun 2015

The Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF) is the first ever national climate fund established by a Least Developed Country (LDC) and is an example to other countries for institutionalising national climate finance. The BCCTF funds programs and projects from the national budget to help communities recover and become resilient to climate change impacts. Operational since 2010, the fund is currently managed by the Bangladesh Climate Change Trust and (BCCT) and the government, and has allocated Tk2,900cr during the last six fiscal years until 2014-2015.

29 Jan 2014

This documentary captures the experiences of the project `Community Based Adaptation in Vulnerable Coastal Areas of Bangladesh' furnished with innovations and acts as a vehicle to take the learning forward to other coastal areas of Bangladesh and beyond. The project is working with the vulnerable people of Shyamnagar district to improve their resilience against natural disasters, climate change, climatic variability and extreme weather events.