Environmental Vulnerability

13 Jan 2009

Zimbabwe has always been plagued by droughts. Droughts are part of a general pattern of water scarcity, caused to some extent by unfavorable and fluctuating natural conditions and by an increasing population, but more importantly, by sub-optimal development and utilization of available resources.

13 Jan 2009

This key sheet is part of a series aimed at DFID staff and development partners examining the impact of climate change on poverty, and exploring tools for adaptation to climate change.

It draws on experience in disaster management and social protection to explore ways of reducing the impacts of climate change on the poor. It aims to guide the reader through the key issues of:

12 Jan 2009

This guide to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) first discusses the issues surrounding the world's land degradation problem and what led to the foundation of the Convention. It elaborates on the "Bottom-Up" approach, in which the people most affected are involved directly in the projects, not just for their skill and knowledge of the land but also to prevent their sinking into poverty due to failing "outside solutions."

The second part of the guide provides details of the implementation processes of the UNCCD, in Africa and other regions.