Environmental Vulnerability: Studies & Presentations

29 Oct 2012

This document is an output from RECOFTC’s case studies. The research and publication of these case studies was funded jointly by Adaptation Knowledge Platform, Climate Knowledge Development Network (CDKN), REDD-net and Raks Thai Foundation (CARE Thailand). These case studies are based on local experiences in Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam in an attempt to explore how community forestry may contribute to adaptation and mitigation goals.

24 Oct 2012

African forest policy makers and governments could benefit by using a recent study as a template to help bring climate change adaptation into the mainstream of national development strategies. The study, conducted in two forest-dependent areas in Africa, emphasizes cross-sectoral planning – recognizing and incorporating interacting priorities, such as agriculture, health, forestry, land-use planning, water resources, energy, education, etc. – as a key element in implementing any effective climate change adaptation strategy.

18 Oct 2012

Migration is a phenomenon that grows every year and affects in some way virtually every country. Many migrants move voluntarily – looking perhaps for economic opportunities, or for different lifestyles. But for others, migration is not a choice. More and more people are forced to flee their homes and communities because of many factors including conflicts, persecution, disasters and poverty. It is their plight that is the focus of the 2012 World Disasters Report. Read more: http://www.ifrcmedia.org/assets/pages/wdr2012/

16 Aug 2012

Toward an Environmentally Sustainable Future presents the results of a 2-year effort to update environmental assessment in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The research was a collaborative effort involving the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, and numerous other technical and research institutions in the PRC.