Environmental Vulnerability: Studies & Presentations

26 Mar 2012

Climate change will increase the frequency of extreme weather events, making more geographic places inhospitable to human habitation and secure livelihoods. This report presents a detailed picture of the potential impacts of climate change on migration in Asia and the Pacific. It draws upon a wealth of research to provide policy makers with informed analysis of an emerging phenomenon requiring urgent attention by governments and the international community.

23 Mar 2012

Although there is widespread agreement on the need for adaptation measures to limit the risks posed by climate change, there is no clear consensus on how much adaptation will cost or how it will be paid for. A recent World Bank report suggested that the price of adaptation in developing countries alone will be $70–100 billion a year between 2010 and 2050, while other studies suggest these figures are too low.

23 Mar 2012

The Guardian is setting out to create world's best layman-friendly guide to all aspects of climate change – and we need your help. Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/series/the-ultimate-climate-change...

23 Mar 2012

There are two main policy responses to climate change: mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation addresses the root causes, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while adaptation seeks to lower the risks posed by the consequences of climatic changes. Both approaches will be necessary, because even if emissions are dramatically decreased in the next decade, adaptation will still be needed to deal with the global changes that have already been set in motion.

14 Mar 2012

The world's poorest people will be first hit and hit hardest by climate change. Droughts, floods and famines are already taking their toll. In view of climate change, the world has a real chance to take a new approach to solving global problems and seizing global opportunities. As the UN Conference on Climate Change in Durban approaches, DFID continues to concentrate efforts on protecting forests, helping poor countries to adapt to the changing climate and on supporting countries in low carbon development.