Environmental Vulnerability: Studies & Presentations

03 Jun 2015

Environmental degradation and poverty are linked in regards to development, however, the nature of their relationship is difficult to decipher. With about 30% of India’s population living below the poverty line and up to 50% of the population depending on natural resources that are being increasingly exploited and degraded, millions of people are in jeopardy.

08 May 2015

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how investment towards low-carbon development could be materialized in Asia. A thorough review of current financial assistance for developing countries in Asia was conducted, and the amount of funding proved to be relatively modest to achieve the aim.

27 Apr 2015

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24 Apr 2015

An increasing number of studies show that, because of varying capacities due to gender inequalities, men and women are affected by, and respond to, climate change in different ways. The authors discuss that therefore there is a need to improve the capacities of vulnerable groups and to take a gender-sensitive approach in activities that address climate change. The paper notes that this has already been recognised as an important guiding principle in the development and implementation of adaption policies and measures (UNFCCC 2011, Preamble, paragraphs 12 and 7).

07 Apr 2015

This study attempts to empirically investigate the determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) and related factors on Association of the Southeast Asian Nations’s (ASEAN) poverty reduction, and focuses on spatial quantitative empirical evidence available on the ASEAN region.