Environmental Vulnerability


22 Jan 2009

This flow chart shows the sources and activities across the global economy that produce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy use is responsible for the majority of greenhouse gases. Most activities produce greenhouse gases both directly, through on-site and transport use of fossil fuels, and indirectly from heat and electricity that comes “from the grid.”

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22 Jan 2009

A row between aid agencies and Indian authorities has broken out over allegations that flood-stricken areas have received inadequate food supplies and medical equipment to cope with the annual monsoon deluge.

More than 250,000 refugees were in government and relief agency camps in Bihar, northern India, last night, while aid workers reported growing tensions over the lack of emergency supplies. Recent television footage showed people fighting to get places in boats, as soldiers in life jackets attempted to restore order.

22 Jan 2009

Senate President Manuel Villar urged other local government units across the country to adopt Albay's strategic action on climate change to cushion the impact of this disastrous global warming phenomenon.

Villar said "the senate is all out in supporting programs that address 'global warming and climate change' similar to the programs that Albay province had initiated and is right now being adopted in other places."


03 Aug 2017

Photo essay: In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a tiny island is making great strides.

Studies & Presentations

03 Aug 2017

Recent regional climate change projections have consequences for human systems, particularly for developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

16 Nov 2016

Given a poverty line, a person who is non-poor (poor) currently may not be treated as non-poor (poor) in a vulnerable situation. The poverty line is adjusted in the presence of vulnerability such that the utility of a person at the current poverty line and that at the adjusted poverty line become identical. Using an additive model of vulnerability, it is shown that if the utility function obeys constant Arrow-Pratt absolute risk aversion, then the harmonized poverty line is a simple absolute augmentation of the current poverty line.