Pollution and Health


13 Jan 2009

This key sheet is part of a series aimed at DFID staff and development partners examining the impact of climate change on poverty, and exploring tools for adaptation to climate change.

It focuses on insurance as a means of spreading risk and supporting risk reduction and disaster management. It aims to guide the reader through the key issues of:

• How insurance works;
• Challenges faced by insurance in developing countries; and
• New approaches to insurance in developing countries.

13 Jan 2009

This report contains a recap of the South Asia Regional Workshop on Indoor Air Pollution, Health and Household Energy, held on 27-28 February 2006 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The goal of the workshop was to exchange information on successful technologies, models and challenges in reducing indoor smoke and associated health burden in South Asia. It was organized jointly by Practical Action Nepal and Indoor Air Pollution and Health Forum Nepal. During the workshop the existing policy provisions and best practices in South Asian countries were shared and discussed.

13 Jan 2009

This brochure introduces recent experience in forest development cooperation to an international readership of specialists and decision-makers. It provides a brief overview on the state and implications of the international forest policy dialogue and insight into the work of selected projects in partner countries. It is meant to raise awareness for the complexity of sustainable forest management in the age of globalization and to reveal the diversity of demands on technical cooperation in the sector.


16 Nov 2016

Malnutrition, disease, spending on health are all linked to the need for better sanitation in our living conditions.

Studies & Presentations

07 Sep 2016

A new report from The World Bank Group, CLASP, and Carbon Trust, A Greener Path to Competitiveness offers recommendations and guidance on how companies and countries can stay competitive while implementing more climate-friendly technologies and strategies.

25 Aug 2016

On the 25th February 2016, in London, IIED and partners hosted a conference to help build a new policy agenda for integrating the informal economy into inclusive green growth and sustainable development. It was titled ‘The biggest ‘private sector’: what place for the informal economy in green and inclusive growth?’ and featured speakers from research, policy and practice, including from Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia and South Africa.