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28 Mar 2016

Sustainable Development Goals in Action: Learning from the South & Partnerships on Climate Resilient Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Green Economies

30 May – 1st June 2016, Bangladesh

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04 Nov 2008

This report discusses the value of interfacing poverty and the environment for sustainable development. Highlighting the innovative practices of communities and local partnerships, it details how poverty concerns are critical for long-term conservation success. Also explored is how the environment and natural resource management can be integrated into all of the Millennium Development Goals.

Read the full report (www.iied.org) "

04 Nov 2008

This 2005 report calls for the inclusion of more local level institutions in poverty alleviation efforts. From politics, to international donor support, to monitoring, efforts to "make poverty history" must have a keener understanding of the local situations and collaborate more intensely with organizations formed by the poor.

Read the full report (www.iied.org) "

04 Nov 2008

This report details the outputs from the Community Commons dialogue held at the Fordham University in New York. Representatives from 43 countries met to discuss opportunities for the integration of local and indigenous community expertise into national development strategies.

Read the full report (www.undp.org)



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While significant development progress has been achieved over the past two decades, with almost 650 million people moving out of extreme poverty in developing countries between 1990 and 2008, nearly 1.3 billion women, men and children have been left behind living on less than US$1.25 per day. 

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