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09 Jun 2017

Investing in Natural Capital for an Inclusive Green and Blue Economy to implement the SDGs and Paris Climate Agreement

New York, Tarrytown Estate, 19-22nd June 2017 

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06 Nov 2008

The first of two studies on environment and budget support led by the Department for International Development (DFID), this work will develop simple guidance on environmental assessment and budget support for non environmental staff of bilateral agencies, working at country level. The study is jointly funded by DFID and Irish Aid.

Download the terms of reference (52 KB, DOC)


06 Nov 2008

Despite the potential of EFR to raise revenue, improve environmental management and fight poverty its use is frequently delayed and constrained by political and institutional factors. Overcoming these factors requires thorough analysis of the political context, followed by effective management of the reforms as an inclusive political process. Accordingly, to assist governments in successfully adopting EFR, this report focuses on the political economy of EFR.

04 Nov 2008

The PEP/MDG economic analysis was successfully presented at the UN World Summit on 14 September 2005 in New York City (http://www.undp.org/pei/). As a follow-up to this event and the accompanying publications, and under an agreement with UNDP/UNOPS, IUCN-The World Conservation Union has compiled this bibliography of case studies and other documents, building on material included in the PEP report by the late Prof. David Pearce of University College London.

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The Workshop on Strengthening the Environment Dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia and the Pacific helps policy makers integrate SDGs 12, 14, and 15 into development plans, policies, and programs. Read more.

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