13 Jan 2009

The modern ecological sanitation (ecosan) concept represents the culmination of the paradigm shift initiated in response to satisfying the health needs of unserved, mostly poor population groups. Education has a clear role to play, both in acknowledging the paradigm shift in sanitation and in incorporating the interdisciplinary theme of innovative sustainable sanitation systems into teaching curricula.

12 Jan 2009

This guide to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) first discusses the issues surrounding the world's land degradation problem and what led to the foundation of the Convention. It elaborates on the "Bottom-Up" approach, in which the people most affected are involved directly in the projects, not just for their skill and knowledge of the land but also to prevent their sinking into poverty due to failing "outside solutions."

The second part of the guide provides details of the implementation processes of the UNCCD, in Africa and other regions.

12 Jan 2009

The continent of Africa contains one-fifth of the world's surface and has some of the world's largest physical features, including deserts. The Sahara, which is located in the northern part of Africa, is the largest desert in the world. It also happens to be one of many deserts that are getting larger every year because of desertification.

This site contains a definition of desertification, and summarizes desertification issues in Africa.