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07 Apr 2010

The loss of biodiversity has a disproportionate impact on women. The ways in which water scarcity and contamination and deforestation make women’s water and fuel gathering tasks more taxing and timeconsuming is well documented. The centrality of a healthy, biologically diverse environment to the spiritual and cultural belief systems of indigenous communities, particularly indigenous women, has also received significant attention.

27 Jan 2010

This Climate Policy Brief highlights critical issues raised in the Cities and Resilience Dialogue held in Bangkok, Thailand September 28-29, 2009. The Dialogue reviewed the progress of cities in addressing the consequences of climate change with city representatives from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam; their respective national climate change negotiators; and key supporting institutions active in the region.

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24 Dec 2009

Most poor Africans do not know how important the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen will be for them. I talked to Rhoda, a domestic worker in Nairobi, about her impact on the environment. She has a small carbon footprint - but if she could afford it she'd lead a fossil fuel hungry lifestyle.

24 Dec 2009

The road to COP15, the climate change summit in Copenhagen, - UNIDO's contribution to the global debate and concrete action.

24 Dec 2009

The ability of agriculture to adapt and withstand the impacts of climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Climate change presents a very real threat to the livelihoods and food security for millions of people in developing countries. Yet, agriculture is also adding to the climate change problem.