Multimedia Resources

01 Feb 2016

Aviation pioneer and solar energy champion Dr. Bertrand Piccard was designated a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador in Paris on 7 December, 2015. With COP21 negotiations ongoing in the city, Dr. Piccard delivered inspirational words, telling us that we are all explorers, we are all adventurers. As part of the celebration, attendees were treated to rescued food and a Magnum Photos exhibition that captures climate change mitigation around the world.

19 Jan 2016

The United Nations Environment Program collaborates with ISID on the Canadian launch of "Natural Resources and Conflict: A Guide for Mediation Practitioners"

28 Oct 2015

Globally, people drink 600 billion cups of coffee every year. And some of the coffee we drink is sustainably sourced. But how do we make sure that ALL coffee is better for people and the planet? Conservation International is working with the coffee industry to make coffee the world's first sustainable agriculture commodity.

13 Oct 2015

Affected by illegal fishing and climate change, small-scale fishermen in Zanzibar are embracing ecotourism and seaweed farming to conserve coastal ecosystems and grow the local economy.