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13 Mar 2009

New initiatives in agroforestry are seeking to integrate indigenous trees whose products have traditionally been gathered from natural forests into tropical farming systems, such as cocoa farms. This is being done in order to provide marketable timber and non-timber forest products from farms that will enhance rural livelihoods by generating cash for resource-poor rural and peri-urban households. There are many potential candidate species for domestication that have commercial potential in local, regional or even international markets.

26 Jan 2009

The World Bank - ARPA aims at expanding and consolidating the Protected Areas system in the Amazon region of Brazil.

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26 Jan 2009

A new generation of antibiotics, new treatments for thinning bone disease and kidney failure, and new cancer treatments may all stand to be lost unless the world acts to reverse the present alarming rate of biodiversity loss a new landmark book says.

The new book, ‘Sustaining Life,’ is the most comprehensive treatment of this subject to date and fills a major gap in the arguments made to conserve nature.

26 Jan 2009

Five UN agencies have banded together to help Moldova recover from last year’s devastating drought, providing emergency aid to vulnerable families and agricultural supplies to help struggling farmers recover.

20 Jan 2009

Aquaculture is often viewed narrowly as intensive culture of salmon and shrimp to provide high value products for luxury markets and is often associated with environmental degradation. The promotion of aquaculture for rural development has had a poor record in many developing countries, especially in Africa.