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26 Aug 2015

The World Bank said coal was no cure for global poverty on Wednesday, rejecting a main industry argument for building new fossil fuel projects in developing countries.

20 Aug 2015

The Pacific Ocean's El Nino weather pattern that's brought drought to the Caribbean, Asia, eastern Africa, and western Canada could last until next April. US forecasters say the chances of this now stand at 90 percent.

10 Aug 2015

Climate change, which already affects the ASEAN region through more intense and frequent heat waves, droughts, floods, and tropical cyclones, will become even more severe, an expert says.

06 Aug 2015

Floodwaters began to subside in some hard-hit areas of the country yesterday but relief workers were still struggling to reach the hundreds of thousands of people affected, including tens of thousands of displaced.

04 Aug 2015

It’s been a landmark year for global leadership in the effort to address climate change.

China and the United States - the world’s largest economies and emitters - have submitted plans to reduce the emissions responsible for the crisis.

Businesses of all stripes have called for a massive transition to renewable energy. Polls in countries around the world show citizens want action.

And, in November, the international community will gather in Paris to try and hash out an agreement committing all nations to the effort for decades to come.


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