News Coverage

08 Jul 2015

Residents of Sri Lanka’s north-western coast are convinced that well-tended mangroves can protect lives and property against the monsoon rains that lash the island from July to October.

30 Jun 2015

Climate change has been making the poor in the Asia-Pacific region even poorer and is also setting back efforts to haul them out of poverty, the Asian Development Bank said in a report Wednesday.

30 Jun 2015

About 9,000 lives have been lost in the devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25 and the powerful aftershock on May 12. A conference in Kathmandu on June 25 will bring Nepal together with its international partners to rebuild the country and make it better and safer.

29 Jun 2015

Climate Change Minister Mushahidullah Khan said growing risk of climate change-induced natural disasters is most likely to aggravate state of poverty in the Asia-Pacific region.

25 Jun 2015

The Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF) is the first ever national climate fund established by a Least Developed Country (LDC) and is an example to other countries for institutionalising national climate finance. The BCCTF funds programs and projects from the national budget to help communities recover and become resilient to climate change impacts. Operational since 2010, the fund is currently managed by the Bangladesh Climate Change Trust and (BCCT) and the government, and has allocated Tk2,900cr during the last six fiscal years until 2014-2015.