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18 Jun 2015

Clean energy is picking up in developing Asia but challenges such as reliance on coal and inefficient power infrastructure remain, the Asian Development Bank says

15 Jun 2015

Journalists need training to improve disaster reporting and the management of newsrooms at the height of a disaster when news information is at its most crucial and useful.

15 Jun 2015

The State Council, China’s cabinet, on Wednesday released for public opinion a draft law on environmental taxes, which proposes business taxes for pollutants, solid waste and noise.

15 Jun 2015

As selected Southeast Asian states such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia look to utilise nuclear energy from 2020, it is imperative for ASEAN to start developing a regional nuclear emergency response and incorporating technological disaster and nuclear crisis into its disaster management and response framework. ASEAN member-states have been institutionalising national and regional disaster response mechanisms to effectively mobilise international humanitarian response to natural disasters that typically hit Southeast Asia.

08 Jun 2015

Pricing harmful carbon through dedicated marketplaces is emerging as businesses' preferred way of tackling climate change. It is also the cornerstone of EU policy, but critics say that alone won't be enough.


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