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29 Jan 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark was the venue for the 15th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as the 15th Conference of the Parties — or COP 15.

As with previous conferences, thousands of politicians (including head of states), diplomats, journalists, lobbyists and NGOs attended hoping the summit would finalize a post-Kyoto international agreement on climate change to take effect in 2013.

This article provides a very brief summary of the outcome and related issues, as much has been said in the mainstream media and the Internet.

11 Dec 2009

The world’s low income countries are facing an enormous task in the years to come. Not only are they continuing their uphill battle for economic growth and poverty reduction; they also have to wrestle the global climate changes that are threatening exactly these countries the most.

04 Dec 2009

In May 2005, approximately 1,100 offices of the Red Cross throughout Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, agreed to take on the challenge of promoting an internal dialogue to determine how to have a greater impact on those communities that cope with a high level of vulnerability, as well as to develop a comprehensive approach that contributes to disaster risk reduction.

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19 Nov 2009

Two events convened in New York on Wednesday, 14 September 2005, to address the theme of the “Environment for the Millennium Development Goals.” Both events were organized by members of the Poverty-Environment Partnership (PEP). The first event, a High-level Policy Dialogue, took place in the afternoon near United Nations headquarters.

18 Nov 2009

The main objective of the 2009 Forum was to provide a platform for proactive dialogue to strengthen inter-regional cooperation and encourage innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships aimed at scaling-up renewable energy in Latin America and elsewhere. Furthermore, the event highlighted the leadership required to promote renewable energy and facilitate the development of supportive policy frameworks aimed at strengthening clean energy initiatives.