Studies & Presentations

24 Apr 2015

An increasing number of studies show that, because of varying capacities due to gender inequalities, men and women are affected by, and respond to, climate change in different ways.

22 Apr 2015

China’s diplomatic and economic presence in Africa has grown considerably in recent years.

13 Apr 2015

Changes in the natural environment and agricultural systems induced by economic and industrial development, including population dynamics (growth, urbanization, migration), are major causes resulting in the persistence, emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases in developing countries.

07 Apr 2015

This study attempts to empirically investigate the determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) and related factors on Association of the Southeast Asian Nations’s (ASEAN) poverty reduction, and focuses on spatial quantitative empirical evidence available on the ASEAN region.

07 Apr 2015

Indoor air pollution, due to household solid fuel use, is responsible for a significant burden of disease in developing countries. Fuel choice is often associated with household income.