Studies & Presentations

01 Apr 2015

Providing sound evidence to inform decision-making that considers the needs of the most vulnerable to climate change will help both adaptation and development efforts.

31 Mar 2015

The relevance of forests to rural well-being and poverty reduction remains a controversial issue. This paper examines patterns of association between household wealth, poverty, and livelihood dependency either on forest extraction or agricultural activities in Ucayali, Peru.

04 Aug 2014

This new report seeks to make us understand that as we change the environment, we may also make ourselves more vulnerable to disease.  It explores the interconnectivity of climate, health, poverty, and prosperity and outlines some of the key risks that climate change poses to animal health, human

22 Jul 2014

This report, by Chatham House – the home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – together with India’s Observer Research Foundation, and similar partner organizations explores domestic water management and transboundary water issues in five countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Ne

22 Jul 2014

This report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center in Geneva, shows how gaps in the information - and in the way that information is created and shared - leaves some of the most vulnerable people invisible and potentially excluded from sustainable return or relocation and resettlement opt