17 Nov 2016

Secretary of state says the outgoing Obama administration is determined to prevent Trump withdrawing the US from the landmark deal

05 May 2016

Preety M. Bhandari, Advisor and Head Climate Change Coordination and Disaster Risk at ADB, was interviewed during the 49th Annual Asian Development Bank Conference taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, and expresses her confidence on reaching the "well-below 2 degrees" climate goal agreed on in Paris this year.

09 Nov 2015

In the run-up to COP 21 in Paris, more than 150 countries have now submitted their post-2020 national climate plans, known as “intended nationally determined contributions,” or INDCs. This is an unprecedented effort, and indicates countries’ increased seriousness in how they’re addressing climate change. But what has the INDC process triggered, and how much will these plans reduce global emissions?

01 Sep 2015

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the government of Chile will host the 9th Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF 2015) in Santiago de Chile from September 9-11. The conference will cover the latest developments in market-based mechanisms to address climate change, carbon trading, climate finance, and low-emission development.

04 Aug 2015

It’s been a landmark year for global leadership in the effort to address climate change.

China and the United States - the world’s largest economies and emitters - have submitted plans to reduce the emissions responsible for the crisis.

Businesses of all stripes have called for a massive transition to renewable energy. Polls in countries around the world show citizens want action.

And, in November, the international community will gather in Paris to try and hash out an agreement committing all nations to the effort for decades to come.