environmental degradation

03 Jun 2015

Environmental degradation and poverty are linked in regards to development, however, the nature of their relationship is difficult to decipher. With about 30% of India’s population living below the poverty line and up to 50% of the population depending on natural resources that are being increasingly exploited and degraded, millions of people are in jeopardy.

13 Mar 2012

Peru’s Prime Minister Oscar Valdes said Friday that the government will not allow the pollution of the environment and will ensure mining companies take the necessary mitigation measures in their activities. Read more: http://www.andina.com.pe/Ingles/Noticia.aspx?id=6HUD673WDIM=

01 Mar 2012

Poverty is a rural dilemma and continues to be a persistent multi-dimensional problem in Zimbabwe and the Sadc region. It is associated with poor farmers, small farm systems, the landless, resource endowments and the socio-economic environment. Since agricultural growth is central to improved livelihoods, strategies that focus on promoting such an expansion are critical: Improved efficiency in natural resource management according to the Devendra, C et al, 2002.

29 Nov 2011

As Daniel Chakunkha and Mussa Abu talk on the side of a dirt path in Makunje village, Malawi, a steady stream of bicycles loaded with charcoal passes by. The men stand at the halfway mark between Mwanza, a small city in the country’s southwest, and Blantyre, Malawi’s commercial hub. Read more http://ipsnews.net"

17 Nov 2011

As the gap between rich and poor grows, along with reports of environmental disaster, many of the world’s people worry that their children’s lives will be worse than their own. A report released Wednesday by the UN’s Development Program warns that unless there’s a serious global change of direction, living standards will plunge in the poorest countries by 2050, reversing decades of gradual gains.