13 Nov 2017

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is grateful for the specific pledges made by Norway, India, Luxembourg, Russian Federation, Thailand, Kuwait, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Estonia, Indonesia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mongolia, Myanmar and Albania to regular resources totaling $77 million.

09 Dec 2013
The UN climate negotiations in Warsaw witnessed a real victory for developing states with the establishment of a new mechanism on loss and damage. But now, say experts, the work really begins.
17 Apr 2009

Following the 1992 Rio conference, Denmark established the Environment, Peace and Stability Facility, EPSF, as a separate funding mechanism. This Evaluation has looked at the EPSF programme in the Southeast Asian region: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, covering the period 1994 to mid-2002. By the end of 2002, a total of DKK 1.8 billion had been disbursed or committed for over 200 activities.

16 Apr 2009

This paper summarises the conclusions of a four-country study that has examined the linkages between environmental policies and outcomes, public expenditure on the environment and the influence of different modalities of development cooperation. Four short country studies of Ghana, Mali, Mozambique and Tanzania were conducted between September and December 2007. A review of relevant literature on the environment and on the treatment within budgets and budget support processes of other cross-cutting issues, such as gender, was also undertaken.