indigenous peoples

03 Aug 2017

Photo essay: In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a tiny island is making great strides.

17 May 2016

When indigenous rights are recognised and enforced, communities successfully manage their forests - and make crucial contributions to climate change mitigation. 

20 Jul 2015

Late last year, there was publicity about the plight of the San (bushmen) of the Kalahari in Botswana – part of a growing number of ‘conservation refugees’ from across the world who have been forcibly evicted from large areas of land set aside for national parks and protected areas.

22 Jun 2015

In 2014, the situation became a humanitarian crisis due to lack of water and food. Since then, the UNDP in Colombia, in partnership with the private sector (Repsol and Petrobas oil and gas companies) and the Government, has sought ways of supplying water to these communities.

12 Dec 2013

It has rich natural resources, it has a cool climate, it has pristine surrounding, dense woodlands and watersheds --- welcome to the Cordillera region, which is also ravaged by a scourge of poverty and the indigenous tribes remained stuck in their primitive ways.