04 Nov 2008

The paper aims to suggest a framework for addressing and monitoring vulnerability over the coming decade in order to reduce extreme poverty and to improve the objective and subjective experience of security.

04 Nov 2008

Prepared as a contribution to the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, the document focuses on ways to reduce poverty, and sustain growth. It defines the links between poverty, and the environment, and, demonstrates that sound, and equitable management of the environment is integral to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, in particular to eradicating extreme poverty, and hunger, reducing child mortality, combating major diseases, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

24 Jul 2008

The Millennium Development Goals, endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly, are rooted in the concept of sustainable development. Environmental sustainability is not only acknowledged as a specific goal in its own rights, but is integral to the achievement of most of the Millennium Development Goals.