16 Nov 2016

Malnutrition, disease, spending on health are all linked to the need for better sanitation in our living conditions. As Swachh Bharat becomes a national priority, we track the ground realities of the impact of poor sanitation on health. Watch as we bring to you an insight on this issue that impacts each one of us.

29 Jul 2015

The Coastal Cities Environmental Sanitation Project provided drainage, wastewater collections and treatment plants as well solid waste management facilities and conducted a comprehensive capacity building program in the cities of Dong Hoi, Quy Nhon and Nha Trang.

22 Jan 2014

In order to sustain economic growth,  improve public health and reduce environmental impacts, East Asia’s cities need to address significant gaps in their sanitation services, according to two new World Bank reports released today. Substantial financing is needed to manage wastewater and septage that is generated by the urban population. According to some estimates, investment levels of at least US$250 per person are needed annually in the region over the next 15 years.

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18 Apr 2012
 Alfred Pisani, founder and group chairman of Corinthia Hotels and corporate patron of Just a Drop, the international water aid charity, has dedicated Corinthia Hotels funds to sponsor a project in Tanzania. The project will create two water boreholes for the 30,000 inhabitants of Tabata-Bima in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, including 10,000 students from primary school age to college level, who will directly benefit from the clean water availability.
18 Apr 2012

NATIONAL Freedom Party president and Zululand district mayor Zanele Magwaza-Msibi has promised the poverty-stricken district's residents that a large chunk of this year's budget would be focused on the provision of water and sanitation.

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