sustainable development

26 Mar 2012

World Bank Group President Robert B Zoellick begins an official visit to India tomorrow, to see what more it can do to support government efforts to overcome poverty, as India embarks on its 12th five-year Plan and global recovery remains fragile. “The Bank’s partnership with India, one of our founding members, goes back six decades, and we look forward to sustaining it in the years ahead,” Zoellick said in a statement.

26 Mar 2012

This report—Green Growth, Resources, and Resilience—describes an evolving policy landscape characterized by a changing economic reality, rising demand for resources, increasingly apparent impacts of environmental and climate change, and increased risk and uncertainty.

26 Mar 2012

It is 20 years since the historic Rio summit on sustainable development. This moment, and this event, gives us an opportunity to reflect on the progress - or lack of it - which has been made, and to look ahead to the challenges before us. Because we should be under no illusion that great challenges lay ahead. And before we rush to sign up to yet more Utopian visions, let us be realistic about what more needs to be achieved. Read more:

23 Mar 2012

Lizinet Josiah, 28, knows that her village is no longer getting the rainfall it used to get not so long ago. Her measurement of changes in the rainfall pattern is the volume of water in a river that roars near that village. In yesteryears, she says, the Diamphwi River was impassable in February. The water in the river only receded to the point of people walking across around September.

09 Mar 2012

Map Ta Phut, home to 117 industrial plants that include 45 petrochemical factories, eight coal-fired power plants and 12 chemical factories, dominated the national news in 2009 and 2010 following a successful court case by a local environmentalist to shut the estate. Community-based small-scale tourism, a new money-spinner for the province, will be affected if big industries move in, warns Surajit Chirawet, former head of the province’s chamber of commerce. This has become an important lifeline for us.