sustainable development

23 Feb 2012

Last week the United Nations Environmental and Social Council for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) launched a report discussing the challenges and opportunities to reconcile economic growth with sustainable development objectives. The report titled “Green Growth, Resources, and Resilience – Environmental Sustainability in Asia and the Pacific” aims to provide guidance for policy makers to accelerate green and inclusive growth strategies.

16 Feb 2012

The Chinese economy has been developing at a tremendous pace for the last three decades. The level of growth has been touching almost double digit figures. In 2010 China surpassed Japan and became the number two economy in the world. It also managed to lift a large number of its people out of poverty, a feat which is quite praise worthy. Apart from this it has also been developing its military capabilities at a break neck pace. However, this is just one side of the development story.

16 Feb 2012

Ending poverty need put no additional stress on the planet's natural resources, according to a new report published today by international agency Oxfam. According to the paper's author Kate Raworth, human deprivation and environmental degradation must be tackled together as humanity's two major operating boundaries - social boundaries" like hunger, inequality and ill-health and the "planetary or environmental boundaries" like climate change and biodiversity loss - are inextricably linked.

06 Feb 2012

The 22-member Panel, established by the Secretary-General in August 2010 to formulate a new blueprint for sustainable development and low-carbon prosperity, was co-chaired by Finnish President Tarja Halonen and South African President Jacob Zuma. The Panel's final report, Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing", contains 56 recommendations to put sustainable development into practice and to mainstream it into economic policy as quickly as possible. Read more"

12 Jan 2012

Countries will be asked this summer to sign up for 10 new sustainable development goals for the planet and promise to build green economies at the first earth summit in 20 years. According to a leak of the draft agenda document seen by the Guardian, they will also be asked to negotiate a new agreement to protect oceans, approve an annual state of the planet report, set up a major world agency for the environment, and appoint a global ombudsperson", or high commissioner, for future generations.