sustainable development

22 Nov 2011

The multilateral debate in climate negotiations is really over post-1992 'economic realities' that should be recognised: economic growth in some developing countries and/or the persistence of widespread poverty. The strategic issue for us now is to move beyond legalistic debates and bring the needs of the planet and those of the poor into a single mutually-reinforcing framework.

08 Sep 2011

Amid the immense human toll of the Rwandan genocide, a silent victim of the 1994 conflict is frequently overlooked: the environment. Months of fighting, which took the form of a scorched-earth policy, devastated the economic prospects of survivors, many of them subsistence farmers who lived off the land. But after a slow start, the Rwandan government has in recent years begun seeking to repair the damage with a number of environmental initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development.

16 Aug 2011

Ending extreme poverty has been embraced as a common task by the international community, but Xinhua photographers around the world find there is a long way to go.

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11 Aug 2011

Sustainable development and adoption of green business practices has become the cornerstone of any debate one environment. With India's economy recording a steady growth rate, it has become even more important for sustainability to feature prominently in the country's development plans. To address these concerns, The Economic Times organized the InfraGreen'11, an initiative by Times Grey Cell, with a focus on 'making green the national agenda'.

11 Aug 2011

Global development that reduces poverty but preserves the environment for future generations will be the top priority during Ban Ki-moon's second five-year term as U.N. secretary-general, he said Tuesday. Ban, whose second term at the helm of the United Nations starts Jan. 1, laid out his overarching theme for his next administration during a speech to the World Trade Organization.