World Bank

22 Jun 2015

The new Carbon Pricing Watch compiles the latest data on formal carbon pricing initiatives around the world. Several carbon taxes and one of the world's largest emissions trading systems started in the past year and a half, and more are planned in the coming years.

28 May 2015

The World Bank Group’s Board of Executive Directors today approved additional funding of US$15 million from the International Development Association for Lao PDR’s Second Lao Environment and Social Project (LENS2), previously called the Protected Area and Wildlife (PAW) project. This US$15 million in additional funding supplements the US$23.7 million already provided in April 2014.

22 Apr 2015

Richard Fuller is President of Pure Earth, which serves as Secretariat for the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP). The nonprofit Pure Earth works to clean up contaminated sites in the poorest communities in low- and middle-income countries, where high concentrations of toxins have devastating health effects.

20 Apr 2015

Agriculture is central to feeding the world and reducing poverty.

But conventional forms of agriculture are often unsustainable and drive land degradation. Agriculture is also the world’s leading anthropogenic source of methane (52 percent) and nitrous oxide (84 percent) emissions, and the principal driver of deforestation worldwide. Agriculture and agriculture-driven land-use change contribute 24 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

20 Apr 2015

Every year pollution kills an estimated 9 million people worldwide, most of them in poor countries. Take 30 seconds and see how pollution kills and why we should stop it.