06 Jan 2014

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and Shell have agreed to work together to address key conservation challenges, focusing on rehabilitating marshlands in Iraq, decommissioning North Sea oil infrastructure in a way that preserves biodiversity and reviewing oil spill remediation in the Niger Delta.

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29 May 2013

Some farmers in Ghana kill saplings on their land over fears their food crops will one day get damaged by loggers who come to clear the trees. And in Cameroon, while communal forests can generate up to 50 times more income than what they did under state control, almost none of that money goes to families or toward roads, schools and other projects that benefit the community as a whole.

26 Mar 2013

On Tuesday, 26 February, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) board formally approved its US$4.5 million co-funding for the new Sustainable Forest and Biodiversity Management program in the Heart of Borneo. This funding is part of a program that was approved by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council in November 2012. In addition to the ADB's US$4.5m, the GEF will provide US$2.5m, the Government of Indonesia US$0.5m and WWF US$2m.

11 Feb 2013

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the company at the center of a decades-long campaign against its logging activities, committed to end all deforestation of natural forests on Tuesday. The company published a new Forest Conservation Policy" on Tuesday committing it to end development of all natural forested areas, including peat forests, improve its peatland management to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and work more closely with local communities and other stakeholders.

28 Aug 2012

A few years ago in Papua New Guinea on a holiday I was lucky enough to spend a day with a fisherman who took me out on his dugout canoe. For hours we slowly skimmed along the surface of the ocean, the clear water providing a wonderful lens to the world below teeming with life. Fish, starfish, coral, eels, plants—a world beyond my wildest imagination.

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