06 Jan 2014

A delegation from the African Development Bank (AfDB), led by Anthony Nyong, Division Manager, Compliance and Safeguard was in Beijing, China from 17th to 19th December 2013 for a dialogue between China and Africa on Environmental and Social Sustainability.

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19 Apr 2013

While the Song Bung 4 Hydropower project disrupted the lifestyle of the Co Tu ethnic group in central Viet Nam, it also became an opportunity for its members, especially women and children, to gain better education, health care, and improve their income opportunities. Their active participation in the resettlement process was key to the successful completion of a project that helped them design and build their future.

07 May 2010

This publication provides an overview of ADB's safeguard policy statement. The objectives of the SPS are to avoid, or when avoidance is not possible, to minimize and mitigate adverse project impacts on the environment and affected people, and to help borrowers to strengthen their safeguard systems and develop the capacity to manage environmental and social risks.

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08 Feb 2010

Many fishers are well aware of the need to safeguard fish populations and the marine environment. However, the greed and waste of some large commercial fleets combined with modern developments in fishing technology have had an enormous effect on fishing worldwide.

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05 Feb 2010

This book brings together very insightful analyses of indigenous experience and strategies in the context of globalization from several continents and a number of theoretical perspectives. There are broad similarities making this a common struggle but the solutions arise from people solving problems in local contexts. Read this book and you will see that the debate is a very important one for the furtherance of human rights, for the future of these ancient traditions, and for the promotion of cultural, political and economic diversity everywhere.